From Holland to Mongolia by motorbike (PHOTOS)

Ever thought of jacking it all in, jumping on a bike and getting away to some faraway land? That’s exactly what Dutch couple Pieter Grimminck and Mandy Brander did when they left their jobs for a three-month motorbike ride to Mongolia, crossing 16 countries and documenting the experience in the aptly-titled photo collection “We Want Adventure”.

12 amazing walled cities (PHOTOS)

Walls are more than about setting boundaries. Throughout history, fortified walls have been used to protect townships and cities from enemy invasion – from medieval France’s stone-surrounded Carcassonne to Morocco’s red mud-walled Taroudant. And many walled cities have stood the test of time…

The world’s most violent nations

The annual Global Peace Index measures the “peacefullness” of nations based of the levels of safety and security in society alongside the extent of domestic and international conflict and degree of miliatarisation. According to this year’s figures the world has become less peaceful over the last eight years with the gap between most and least violent widening.

Monsoonal Moisture Fueling Southwest Folld Threat

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